Black Natural Olive (Amfissis) 200g


Black Natural Olive (Amfissis)

Available in 200g

Black olives variety Amfisa, Fokida

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This type of olive is placed directly in brine, keeps a fruity flavor, and preserved by natural fermentation. It has very low salt and very low-fat content.

  • produced in central Greece, around the region of Amfisa, Fokida
  • it’s a Protected Designations of Origin (PDO) product
  • dark purple to black when ripened, big and round-shaped, usually weight from 5 to 12gr
  • very sweet, full, and zesty flavor due to the process of debittering and fermentation as well as the marinade of herbs. They are suitable for many recipes, as the core is easily dispatched from the flesh of the olive.
  • 100% Natural product.
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