Feneos Black-Eyed Peas 500g


Feneos Black-Eyed Peas

In Feneos, an area identified for its pulses, black-eyed peas are produced, which are valuable from a dietary point of view.

Impressively, one portion of black-eyed peas provides as much as protein as half a steak. Black-eyed peas combine two very important properties: they are low in calories while being very rich in nutrients.

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Features and benefits :

They feed the body with valuable proteins:

Like all pulses, black-eyed peas are rich in the amino acids lysine and threonine, which are substances necessary for the formation of proteins. Black-eyed peas give successful protein combinations with cheese or yogurt, and wheat bread or sesame paste.

Ideal for a macrobiotic diet: Black-eyed peas are an excellent option for a macrobiotic diet, one comprised exclusively of plant food that is non-processed.

Their qualities are plentiful: These pulses – with the funny name “ampelofasoula” at their green tender age – are endowed with many minerals and trace elements, such as potassium, copper, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, and iron (high conciseness). They are a good source of folic acid and they contain soluble fibers, which help to lower cholesterol, and protease inhibitors, which prevent the growth of cancer cells. They also provide abundant vitamin B1 (thiamine), which helps in the production of energy and good functioning of the brain.

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