Kymi’s Vegan Fig Salami with Tika Masala 180gr


Available in 180g

Greek Vegan Fig Salami with Tika Masala 180gr

A Vegan proposal to replace animal salami with salami made from the famous Kimi figs from the island of Evia in Greece. Only non-thermal methods have been used for production which makes it suitable for omophagy.
Suitable in green salads for more flavor, it gives a special intensity to Vegan spaghetti and a special character to tuna salads and cheese plates. It is also an amazing accompaniment with wine and fine spirits.

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From 2014, the founding year of “Sykofagos” until today, the company deals exclusively with the production and distribution of innovative products based on Fig from Kymi. Following the trends of the modern diet and collecting data from the participation in end consumer exhibitions abroad, 2 main product categories are produced: Fig chocolates (4 codes) and fig products without heat treatment (hematophagous – 5 codes)

The goal of the company is to design and produce differentiated products that will surprise the consumer every time. One of the most popular products of Sykofagos is the salami of dried figs with orange or pistachio, which resembles the shape of sausage without being. The sweet aftertaste of the fig comes in the taste, taking off the result. Fig salami is essentially a 100% vegan substitute for salami and cut into thin slices that accompanies excellent wine and cheese.

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