Vanilla Beans Of Feneos 500g


Produced in the mountain valley of Feneos in the north Peloponnese, “Beans Vanilies Feneos” is a small, oval-shaped, white, thin-skinned bean, with 1000 seeds weighing between 270 and 280g. Its sweet taste, ability to boil easily, and the fact that after boiling the seeds and the soft flesh are still intact without being separated from the peel, makes them particularly appealing. They have no preservatives and no pesticides. The net weight is 500g and their packaging involves a vacuum pack.

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Registered as a PDO/PGI product, “Beans Vanilies Feneos” differ from other common beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) in the following respects:

  1. They are richer in dietary fibers by up to 54.4%, as the product contains 27.9-29.9g in every 100g (13.2g for trade beans).
  2. They are lower in fat by up to 10%, as the product only contains 1.7-1.9g in every 100g (2-2.5g for trade beans) and lower in calories, as the energy value is 225-233 kcal/100g and 955-963 kj/100g (296 kcal/100g and 1,236 kj/100g respectively for trade beans).
  3. They are richer in calcium by up to 56%, with 2,970-2,988 mg/kg (1,312 mg/kg for trade beans).
  4. They contain a smaller amount of sodium, 97.1-98.1 mg/kg (354mg/kg for trade beans), and lower level of ash, in that the product contains 3.9-4.1g in every 100g (4.4g for trade beans).
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