About us

Who we are and what we do

“What is the first thing you thing that comes to mind when you think about Greece? The warm climate and the delicious FOOD!

After numerous unsuccessful attempts at trying to steal the sun from Greece, we went for the next best alternative- the delicious food! Greece is a “gifted” place where the climate and the morphology of its regions, produces special natural wealth, allowing the production of a variety of products with special qualities. The benefits of the Mediterranean diet are globally recognized for their quality, flavor, and nutritional values. Our selection of products is made with great care –from inspired producers from all regions of Greece that combine the unique way of tradition and knowledge of the past with modern nutritional needs and trends.

Our endeavor is to seek innovative products with special characteristics and unique properties suitable to cover basic and special dietary needs – Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian, and Gluten-Free.

All of the above is what inspired us to create our company whose purpose is to bring a vast selection of the finest traditional Greek products to your table. NEST was founded on the principles of life, growth, health, and cherishing moments with family and friends- which is part of the Mediterranean culture.

Our aim is to educate our clients on the health benefits and usage of Greek products introducing innovative ways to use them into the British daily diet. Our products are suitable for all types of delicatessens, farm shops, and independent food stores across the UK.

We are constantly researching the Greek market and updating our selection with new products and promise to deliver to our clients the best gastronomic choices!”